Sunday, August 24, 2008

Visit with Erica

We had a great time visiting with Erica. She was here almost a full week. We went to Hunter's golf banquet. So proud...

We went to Chuck E Cheese and Erica gave Hunter a good game.

We also had a fun time going out on the boat and playing by the lake. "Sun" was a big part of our trip. We were in the pool every day.

Erica also gave the boys some tips on being a good engineer. She helped Landon build this bridge and helped Hunter with his Legos. She also played soduku with Hunter. Hunter is following in her smart aunties foot steps.

We all loved having her here. The boy's both said after we dropped her off at the airport that they already missed her. Erica is so good with the boy's and they love her so much. I love and miss her already too. I'm lucky to have her as my sister. What a fun visit.

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