Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My special day with Trisha!

As I put this on my blog I get a little chocked up. This past Friday I was able to meet Trisha Torey for the first time. It was very emotional for both of us. I remember the first time I talked to Trisha on the phone she told me about this trip that she was going to make to Vegas in October. At the time it seemed so far away but we both vowed that it would be a celebration and it was. Her optimism fell right in line with mine and we clicked. We met for lunch and I was able to meet her two delightful daughters, their significant others and her wonderful husband. They all met me with open arms and I was grateful. I am so grateful that Trisha decided to turn her tragedy into a passion to help others. I feel so lucky and honored to be helped by her. I am also thankful that I can call her my special friend for life. We don't know how and we don't know when but we will come together again. In the mean time we will both look to help as many people as we can. Thank you again Trisha!

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