Thursday, November 27, 2008

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We started out our day putting the Turkey in the oven and taking our traditional Thanksgiving day walk. It was a beautiful day. It rained yesterday so everything was a little wet but the smell was crisp and clean. Every year we have an extraordinary walk. It took me back to the year after my surgery that we still had our walk even if I could only walk down the driveway. I am also reminded of years when we walked with the kids in the wagon and before Landon was around we walked with Hunter in the stroller. Great memories. Landon helping me make the pies. Hunter helped me make the potatoes. It all came out great.


We then watched the Cowboys win. WOOOHOOO!
Ok, I have a little side story with this picture. The boys were putting their feet on the entertainment center and as you can see there is a "little dust." HeHe. I have been more busy with Dave's uncle staying with us but it's kind of the running joke with my dusting habits. Dave says "wow, it's amazing what happens when you don't dust for a WEEK." He said it with a smile or I would have handed (or thrown) the duster at him. I thought I'd share our joke....

We then went outside to play football and shoot Hunter's bow and arrow.

Steve shooting the bow and arrow.

Dave and Landon. Landon wanted a turn like the big kids.

Hunter shooting his bow and arrow!

Before you watch this video I have to give you some background. There were three bows. So, each person had three shots to hit the target. Uncle Steve knew exactly what to do to get Hunter's competitive juices flowing. He told Hunter that he wouldn't be able to hit all three on the target. Hunter had only hit one on the target before this turn. Hunter stepped up and nailed the firs two. After Hunter hit the target with the first 2 Steve was trying to put pressure on him. He was riding him hard and told him "he couldn't handle the pressure" and that he was going to "choke." I started filming right after that and you will see what happened next.

Landon exhausted after a full day of eating, walking, running, shooting and smiling!
We all had a great day. Hope you all did too. Love you!

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