Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fun week with Grandma!

We all had a really nice time with Grandma. It was a nice and relaxing week but when I look at all of the pictures, we did quite a bit. We put up our Christmas tree... Landon loved having Grandma here for her squeezes. He would say "excuse me" and she would say "what, squeeze me," and give him a squeeze. She also played hide and go seek, did puzzles and walked up the big hill. They had a lot of fun together. We went to Hunter's honor roll ceremony... We had the boy's picture taken with Santa at Wal-Mart. We went shopping on Saturday and Landon went around the corner and his eyes about popped out of his head. Santa was there in the middle of Wal-Mart. How lucky can one kid be. It was fun because as most of you know Santa pictures were a big deal to my mom and to us. We have pictures going way back when we were little until we graduated from high school. It was a fun tradition and now we were able to take Hunter and Landon. Grandma was able to see two football games. She was the loudest cheerer. Hunter loved having her there to make a big fuss. He deserved it. Still manages to smile even with a mouth guard... Hunter's big catch...

This is a special thing. I was working on my blog and Hunter yelled for me to get my camera because there was a full moon. Hunter and Grandma have been talking about space, meteors, and the moon. He then immediately wanted to "google" and see if it was a real full moon or almost. He knew that Grandma would know but she was on a plane to see Auntie Erica. So google would have to do. We then went to the National Geographic website and he read about how the moon is the closest it has been since 1993. "Although a full moon happens every month, the one that rises tomorrow will appear about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than the other full moons seen so far this year." Hunter is so lucky to have a grandma that teaches him so much. He soaked it all in and loved every minute of it.

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