Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dave is my champion!

I have been thanking Dave privately because I know he doesn't think that what he does is extraordinary. He would say that I did it all and I deserve all the praise. Now, I feel that it is time to praise him publically. We both rode this wild ride everyday together and he is my rock. I received a copy of a letter written to him by my mom and I had to share it with all of you.

Dear Dave: I have wanted to spend some time to express to you my deepest admiration and gratitude for what I know you had to do for Heather. That first day when she called me crying and frightened the only thing that seemed to matter was that you were on your way home. While we in Alb. and Seattle were in various forms of shock and devastation I knew in my heart that once you were physically by her side she would be ok. I didn't call that night because I knew the two of you were doing what you do best - taking care of each other, investigating the internet, staying positive and looking for all the bright sides of life. You are her greatest champion and cheerleader. She has the utmost faith in what you are to her because you demonstrate it daily - she has told me this many times over the years.

And now, the result of staying positive with the highest hope was given to you on Tuesday. What you live daily and model to your children is true testament of the power of the human character and positive mental capacity.
You truly live what you feel.

I am thanking my God many times over for giving you to her. I am blessed to know that you are Hunter and Landon's father and the husband champion to my beloved daughter. These thoughts sustained me over the past several weeks and I thought you should know them....Mr. Greatest Coach EVER!

Have a beautiful day.

It brought tears to my eyes. I am so lucky to be married to Dave and have someone who would give his life for me and the kids on a daily basis. He told me last week that he knew 100% without a doubt that we were going to make it out of this. I could feel he had complete certainty. The positive energy in our house has been buzzing. Some of you couldn't understand why I was so happy and positive. Dave being my cheerleader and coach was a big reason why. We make a great team. Dave "I love you and thank you."

Mom, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for trusting in me that I had things under control and that if there was ever a moment that things got to hard to handle you knew I would call on you to come back. I'm glad we never got to that point. I could feel your love and concern accross the miles as if you were sitting in my living room. I am lucky to have you as my mom also. I feel so blessed and grateful that I have such a wonderful family and great friends. I even had people that I didn't know praying and lighting candles for me. Everything produced this wonderful outcome. I'm one lucky girl!

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