Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Landon!

What a happy day for all of us. Hunter had waited 9 long months for his "best friend" to come. Hunter had a stuffed dog that he would take with him everywhere so that he would be ready to give to his brother to welcome him into the world. Hunter treated Landon as if he were his own baby and it really hasn't changed. Hunter is still helping Landon and playing with him. He teaches him and is very patient with him. They are so close and it warms my heart. Hunter has been making a big deal about Landon's Birthday and Landon is extra excited. As for me, it is a day to look back on all the happiness we all shared when Landon came into our family. I was in labor all night and my mom drove from Albuquerque to be there with me. She made it just in time. Then the next day she made Hunter feel like the special big brother he was by taking him the Chili's. There was a guy making balloons and he made Hunter a "big brother hat." All of my family soon came to meet Landon. He was the baby with bigs hands, looked like Grandpa sanchez and seemed to come out smiling. I am so lucky to have two special boy's. My family is complete. Landon has grown up so much in three years. He smiled through it all and brings sunshine wherever he goes. Happy Birthday Landon! We all love you!

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