Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I do not have cancer!

I am shocked and amazed as I write this to you all. I saw the oncologist today and he showed me a little result that had a big meaning. Bottom line my cells are not cloning. My biopsy was sent for further tests to California and I never got these result. These turned out to be very significant results.

" T-cell Receptor Gene Rearr. TCR Rearrange , QL, Cell -NEGATIVE. This specimen was negative for the detection on clonal T-cell rearrangement by PCR." This was put later in the report. "The presence of a clonal T-cell population is reported as positive and is consistent with malignancy."

Therefore, since it came back as negative, it is not malignant (non cancerous). I still have lymphosites but they are non cancerous and can be treated with a good diet. Since it is such a rare type of lymphoma, there aren't many people who know what to look for. Luckily, my oncologist treated or didn't treat someone in a similar situation and she has been fine ever since. Even though I am elated, my journey does not end here. I have started on a path of eating raw foods, have eliminated all foreign chemicals coffee, processed food and sugar. I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt. This just put the icing on the cake. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and love. It has all helped tremendously. Many good things have come out of this experience. Love you all!


Jill Sanchez said...

I am sooo excited for you. We have been praying for a fast recovery but man, god is great. I can't wait to tell the rest of my family and I will always be here for you.
Love you bunches,
Auntie Jill

Anonymous said...


To say I'm overjoyed for you is an understatement.

And -- I'm not surprised either!

You are a remarkable young woman and you deserve all this good, Heather. You and I will always share this very strange bond -- and as difficult as it has been, I'm happy it brought us together.

Celebrate for us all!

Trisha Torrey
Another misdiagnosed SPTCL - er

Anonymous said...

This ROCKS! Every time I say "my sister does NOT have cancer" I cry! I am so happy!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Heather! This was the greatest news to hear yesterday. Like I said something told me to look at my phone and it was only 10 minutes earlier that you called and left a message. I knew that I had to call you and it made my day a million times better. I LOVE YOU soooo much!!

Anonymous said...

What good news!! I've been praying for you.....God is great!!

Uncle Ted, Anthony, Isidro & Vincent all said to tell you hello.

My best to you and your family.
Lots of Love,
Auntie Jennie

Sherrie said...

Ok Heather you don't know me. But I'm crying from reading your story its full of hope, excitement, joy, and sadness. I'm Leslie friend and have also been praying for you. Cancer hits very close to home. Many of my friends and family have fought that battle. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You will give alot people hope and courage. You are amazing!!! I feel like your friend and I don't think we have crossed paths before.
Your friend, Sherrie