Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks Trisha!

I want to extend a huge "thank you" to you. I was so lucky to have found you so early in my journey. I had just met with my doctor who looked at me like I was crazy because I asked the question "Do all lymphomas mean cancer?" She looked at me like, you poor dear, yes. So I asked what the treatment would be. "Most definitely Chemo." I then asked her if there were any other treatments and she said "no." I had read your story because my friend Leslie found your website. That in itself gave me a glimmer of hope. I could relate. Then Leslie got in touch with you and I ended up calling you. That is a moment I will never forget. I knew it because we were both jumping out of our seats and had simultaneous chills. You gave me more hope than you will ever know. My biggest fear before I talked to you was going though chemotherapy and having my children watch me "be sick." You told me that Chemo doesn't always work for these specific types of lymphomas. That lifted a huge weight and started me on a path to find natural treatments and to read as much as I could. You also said that you would be with me every step of the way. Even if it wasn't a misdiagnosis. That made me feel safe and secure in the midst of chaos. You also went through the ups and downs right along with me. As with everyone waiting for results was torture. I know people warned you not to get to invested in my cause because it hit too close to home. You knew as I did that after that first phone call something special was going to come out of this. Thank you for staying invested. Everything you went through 4 years ago helped me in more ways than you will ever know. I am proud to call you my friend. That is a gift I will forever treasure. You are an angel and our journey does not end here. There will be other people that will be or are going through what we have just been through. We will use all of this positive energy for good. Thank you again. I will forever be grateful to have you in my life.

For those of you that don't know Trisha's story or would like to read what she wrote about me on her blog please visit

I was also excited to read that Trisha was honored by CNN's Heroes of Patient Empowerment. She deserves to be honored for her outstanding contribution to this WORLD!

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Unknown said...

I have to tell a little more to this story. When I ran across Trisha's website, I couldn't see how to email her. The next best thing was to just comment on one of her posts as I am doing now. I submitted that comment and within about 30 to 45 seconds of hitting submit, I heard the sound of a new email in my box. Without even looking I knew it was her. Chills went down my spine before I even looked at the email. I knew that she was going to play a huge role in all of this - it's like I could feel her energy through the computer. She must have been sitting at her computer at that very moment - it's like she was waiting for this. I immediately called Heather and forwarded the email to her. Trisha really went out of her way to help and was a very big comfort to Heather. She is an angel! What a beautiful world when we can call on total strangers to be our guides, to stand by us and invest so much in us, and they do it! I wish there were more people like Trisha out there.