Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am lucky to have my friend Leslie!

As most of you know, Leslie was there for me every step of the way. I know it made my family feel better knowing that I had help since they were further away. Leslie helped me by taking care of the kids while I went to appointments and on the day of my biopsy she cleaned my house while taking care of Landon, Hallie (3 years) and her 5 month old Allyson. Not an easy task. Most importantly, she was there to support me emotionally. I knew I could call on her day or night for anything. I remember the day after my first diagnosis, Leslie came over and I was pretty scared and crying. She reminded me that I was and still am a champion. She reminded me that I needed to use everything that I had learned through sports, college and life to do whatever it takes to beat this thing. My fear and sadness quickly turned to determination. It helped to have a fellow athlete to remind me that I don't like to lose. She knows it because she is just as competitive as I am. Give us both a challenge and we will beat it. That same determination in her pushed her to find out as much information as possible. When I would get tired, she would continue on the Internet looking searching for something that would help me. That is when she found Trisha's website.
Leslie wrote me this e-mail the day after I talked to Trisha for the first time.

" I am kinda pesky and very determined - I knew someday my relentless qualities would pay off. I think I went through about 6 to 7 pages of Google before I found hers. I clicked on every single site too. I was almost ready to give up for the night (or at that point, should I say morning). I don't think that I would have gotten that far into again. I was pretty tired and bummed out from reading the same thing OVER and OVER. Anyway, I do think that we are guided and I know there is more than a coincidence to all this. The way I emailed that article to you this morning at the same time as Dave email. Then the way she got back to me SO fast and willing, it was like she was waiting for it. I just know that this is the path that you are suppose to be on. Either way, you are now where you need to be and answers are going to start coming. One day at a time.... We have accomplished a lot in 2 days. Time to rest..."

We are such good friends because we think alike. Another perfect example of how great she is happened on the day that I received the second bad diagnosis. I was so scared to convey the news. She called to see if I was going to volleyball and I had to tell her the bad news. She then turned down my street and came immediately to my house. We both cried for a couple of minutes and then the feeling quickly turned to determination again. She told me we were prepared for this and at least we knew exactly what we were dealing with. She then said get in the car and we're going to volleyball. I said "I don't think I can," and she told me "Heather, you can do ANYTHING!" So we went to volleyball and it was the perfect thing to do. It reminded me to trust my inner knowing and that I was fine. I felt fine, I even played without my knee brace. That was the last morning that I cried. My strength was restored and I was able to give everyone the news because I still knew that no matter what I was going to be ok. I have received this kind of support from my family and it is extra special when it comes from a friend. I have only known Leslie for a year and a half but it feels like a lifetime.

Leslie, I hope you know how much I appreciate you. I remember when you were pregnant and I helped you paint baseboards, then I helped you when you brought home the baby and you said "I hope someday I will get to return the favor." You didn't know it would be this big of a favor and you helped me head on and full force. You are the very best friend I could ever have. You are awesome!


Unknown said...
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I am SO relieved that this has all come to such a wonderfully happy place. I would have gone anywhere with you, down any road - you know that. Now we can get back to you helping me:) No, I'm kidding...

I had my coach tell me once that he didn't yell at some of the other girls because he knew that they had already reached their best. He pushed me because I was so good and he wanted to see how good my best could be. You told me that God puts us through these trials so that we can realize our true potential. That was quite some trial, so what does that say about your potential? You are never going to be the same after this. You are just that much better, wiser and healthier. I have learned more from you then I could at 4 years of college. I will forever treasure our friendship!