Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is my Hope and Faith page. I will be putting updates on here about my health. As most of you know, I was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma. Even though the final diagnosis came in, I still have a calmness about me. Ever since the lumps were seen as "suspicious" I have taken the time to get my body in great shape to naturally get rid of whatever is there. I feel awesome. I am eating raw foods and running as much as I can. I feel optimistic and have been able to use a lot about natural healing that I have studied. It is all coming into play now. My biggest challenge that I plan to face head on and WIN! I wanted to share with all of you the story behind these golf balls. The day after my first diagnosis, Dave took Hunter to play golf. They hadn't played in a while and Dave hit a ball way into the desert but could see the bush it had gone behind. So, he ventured out into the desert and as he looked behind the bush. There it was perched up with the "HOPE" in full sight. He couldn't believe his eyes. His ball was no where to be found and instead was this message of "HOPE." He continued on playing and later Hunter found the second pink ball. They brought both balls back to me that evening. Hunter came running in and said "look what we found for you." Tears ran down my face. They found more than they will ever know. They found a wonderful sign of hope and I have held on to that. I see it everyday as a reminder that everything is going to be ok. It is sitting next to my "braveheart" mug in my kitchen. It is a perfect reminder to be brave and always have hope. I want you all to share in my outlook. Thank you all for your love and support. Use this blog to leave me messages and connect. We can all get through this together! Love you all!


geelong said...

Dearest Heather - this is a beautiful way to keep us informed and to remind us of the bravery and hope we all must have. We are following the lead of the champion that you are where WINNING is the only option!

Love from your mother

Buchanan Clan said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers. There is not a day that I don't think about you.

Love Tamera

(Leslie's Sister)

Anonymous said...

Heather - You are too amazing for words. I have told you before, that if half the world had your attitude and positivity, this earth would be spectacular. Remember, keep your head up and breathe! I love you!


Judy Jones said...

Heather, You are not alone. Please go to You can be a member of our "exclusive group"! Judy (living large with CTCL for over 18 years)

Unknown said...


You can't even begin to imagine how just knowing you has brought so much joy to my life. There are SO many amazing qualities that you possess. You are so strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your positive attitude, faith and hope are going to play a huge role in this. You are a winner.


Judy Jones said...

Opps...forgot to tell you, I can also give you suggestions for physicians that are familiar with your disease. Judy

erin couture said...


You are so inspiring. Thank you for creating this page so that we can be a part of you winning this battle.

I wanted to make a comment about miracles. I am a firm believer that miracles are everywhere. In 1984 my sister Lauren had a devistating brain injury that left her in Boston in intensive care for 2 months with a bleak diagnosis. Late one night, Lauren stopped breathing and "died". Though it was not allowed at the time, my mother had been sleeping in a chair in the room (as any mother would insist)and noticed. The doctors revived Lauren and now she is 24 years old. Miracles are everywhere around us, we just have to open our eyes and look.

You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!

Love Erin